A Time to Reconcile: A Play for Children

Review by Sama Tah

George Njimele
Peacock Writers Series, Cameroon

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George Njimele is an experienced writer and educator from the north-west region of Cameroon. His book, A Time to Reconcile, is an excellent combination of wisdom and entertainment, making it a must-read for inquisitive and intuitive young adults seeking guidance in shaping a better tomorrow. This unique masterpiece is highly praised for its originality, objectivity, and wisdom-packed progression. However, what sets the author, George Njimele, apart from others in the literary world is the presence of innuendoes in the plot, which add to the book's suspense and thrill.

A Time to Reconcile is not just a literary work; it is a wealth of wisdom that serves as a guiding tool for creating a beautiful and harmonious society that fosters peace in human relations. Overall it is an exceptional piece of art that every individual should read.

About the Book

A Time to Reconcile is a comedy with a serious tone, featuring Beta. a young girl whose choice of marriage goes against her parents' wishes. Her suitor, Chato, hails from an enemy tribe, and her parents see their relationship as a sign of bad luck. The conflicts that ensue uncover a brilliant and tactful portrayal of preoccupations rampant in today's Africa, particularly in Cameroon. The involvement of the tribal chief, the Man of God, the two enemy tribes, and family members results in a plot twist that brings about reconciliation and a successful marriage between Chato and Beta. The Man of God, who is also a suitor to Beta and a symbol of what is commonly known as the ‘African Independent Churches’, reveals the significant role that parents play in determining the spouses of their daughters.

About the Author

Njimele was born in Awing, North West Region Cameroon in 1973. He started writing at an early age, and he writes mostly for children and young adults. He took up writing full-time and started the Peacock Writers Series in Cameroon. He won the National Prize for poetry in 1995 organized by the National Book Development Council. Some of his works such as Madmen and Traitors (2015),  The Queen of Power (1998), Undeserved Suffering (2008), The Slave Boys (2008) and Poverty is Crazy (2012) are prescribed in the Cameroon school curriculum (literature awareness) for beginners in secondary school. His other works include: King Shaba (2006), House of Peace (2007), Land of Sweet Meat (2017) and Reap What You Sow (2020).

George Njimele's Insight

I wrote this book to address two key issues in my society: forced marriages of young people and the belief in superiority that causes division. Both issues are outdated and can lead to unhappy marriages and fragmented communities. The book also highlights the dangers of religious fanaticism and hypocrisy. As a writer, I aim to raise awareness and inspire change. My work serves as entertainment, education, and formation for the masses. I hope to evoke change in my readers, stimulating their emotions and thoughts while entertaining them. Ultimately, if we act responsibly, respect societal norms, and promote fair play, we can achieve peace and harmony.

This review was first published in Batazia newsletter, Netherlands.

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