African Books Collective’s Statement on Israel’s Assault on Gaza

For almost 35 years, African Books Collective has stood against racism, for African liberation and internationalism. We condemn the ongoing massacre of Palestinians by Israel and call for an immediate ceasefire to stop attacks on Gaza.

Since the 7 October 2023 murderous attack by Hamas against Israelis, the Israeli government’s response has been disproportionate. Palestinians are being subjected to collective punishment for the actions of Hamas. To date, according to press reports, more than 34,000 Palestinians have been killed. Homes, hospitals, mosques, schools, universities, and cultural centres have been destroyed. With attacks also taking place in the West Bank, it is clear that an entire people are in the process of being displaced from their lands and their history being obliterated.

As people around the world have rallied to support the people of Gaza, ABC is concerned to note that many established Global North/Western organisations are censoring that support. In recent months, bodies including news agencies, arts and culture organisations, universities, and free speech advocates have excluded Palestinian writers and those who support the liberation of Palestine. ABC is clear that it supports Palestine and that Palestinian voices must be heard.

Countries across Africa have their own painful histories of colonialism, documented through books about liberation struggles. It is vital to hear the voices of the oppressed for a fuller understanding of our connected histories. In this vein, we encourage readers to seek out resources from Palestinian writers (e.g., #ReadPalestine) and those who support them – and call on all governments to intervene to stop Israel’s assault on the Palestinian people.

In solidarity with the whole of Palestine, we call for an immediate ceasefire.

African Books Collective

Photo Credit:  @sue_r_b/FreeImages

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